Ethics, integrity and gender equality in the research area of Slovenia: between policies and their implementation

applied research project
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The project "Ethics, Integrity and Gender Equality in the Research Sector of Slovenia: Between Policies and Their Implementation" aims to strengthen the capacity to implement the principles of responsible science in the areas of ethics, integrity and gender equality, and to provide knowledge and skills to implement these principles to stakeholders at different levels of decision-making and action in Slovenia. To this end, we carry out a thorough examination of the treatment of ethics, integrity and gender equality in the field of research in Slovenia. Analysis will address policies on ethics, integrity and gender equality in research and their implementation at the national level, in system or umbrella organizations and in individual research institutions. Among other things, we will examine the activities of academic publishers and the differences between disciplines in terms of ethical assessment of research, and analyze the situation in research organizations with regard to meeting the mandatory requirements for applying to Horizon Europe calls. A thorough analysis of the documents and data collected will be complemented by interviews with representatives of key stakeholders to gain insight into their experiences and expectations regarding the systemic regulation of these fields. In this way, we will gain a comprehensive overview of the ethical assessment of research, the development of research integrity policies and procedures for dealing with misconduct allegations, and policies and measures related to gender equality in research in Slovenia. The aim of the analysis is to identify good practices, shortcomings and challenges, both at individual organizations and at system level. The results of the research will be presented in the report on the state of ethics, integrity and gender equality in the research sector in Slovenia.

Based on the findings of this research and a review of best practices at home and abroad, we will develop Recommendations for the regulation of the systemic governance of ethics, integrity, and gender equality in research. The document, which will include guidelines for national development strategy in these areas, recommendations for existing systemic organizations, and suggestions for establishing new institutional mechanisms, will be addressed to key stakeholders. We will also develop a Toolkit for the implementation of the principles of ethics, integrity and gender equality for research organizations, which will include guidelines for the establishment and operation of working bodies (committees), protocols for the ethical assessment and treatment of misconduct of the principles of integrity, the preparation of action plans for gender equality, examples of good practice, etc.

We will also organize processes of sharing knowledge and experience by expanding existing knowledge sharing forums (Community of practice for Alternative Infrastructure for Gender Equality in Academic Institutions – group Alt+G) and creating new ones (meetings of representatives of ethics committees of research organizations). For the transfer of good practices and knowledge, we will organize a conference with representatives of systemic organizations from Austria and a series of workshops on gender equality plans for research organizations.




Planned results:
• Report on the state of ethics, integrity and equal opportunities in academia in Slovenia
• Recommendations for systemic regulations on ethics, ethics, integrity and equal opportunities in research
• Toolkit on applying principles ethics, integrity and equal opportunities in research performing organisations

• Round-table with representatives of systemic organisations from Austria
• Enlargement of the group Alt+G to form a forum of members of committees on gender equality
• Meeting of representatives of ethics commissions
• Series of workshops on creation of gender equality plans

• Scholarly paper on research ethics and integrity in Slovenia
• Scholarly paper on equal opportunities in research
• Final conference