PhD in linguistics, research advisor, professor

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Research interests

Tanja Petrović is a linguist and anthropologist. She is interested in uses and meanings of socialist and Yugoslav heritage and cultural identity in post-Yugoslav societies. She deals with the problematic of language in forming ideologies, memory and identity.

She is the Head of the Institute of Cultural and Memory Studies and coordinator of linguistic module Language as social practice in forming ideologies, memory and identities of the postgraduate programme Comparative studies of ideas and cultures at the ZRC SAZU Postgraduate school.

She is a Honorary research associate of The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, LMU Munich and the University of Regensburg.

Selected publications

Towards an affective history of Yugoslavia. Filozofija i društvo, ISSN 0353-5738. [Štampano izd.], 2016, [God.] 27, [br.] 3, str. 502-520, fotogr., doi: 10.2298/FID1603504P. [COBISS.SI-ID 40456493]


Industrijsko delo v socializmu : od izkušnje do dediščine. Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva, ISSN 0351-2908, 2016, [Letn.] 56, št. 3-4, str. 31-40. [COBISS.SI-ID 40762157]


Serbia in the mirror: parodying political and media discourses. Slavic review, ISSN 0037-6779. [Print ed.], summer 2015, vol. 74, no. 2, str. 288-310, ilustr., doi: 10.5612/slavicreview.74.2.288. [COBISS.SI-ID 38482989]


On the way to Europe: EU metaphors and political imagination of the Western Balkans. V: HORVAT, Srećko (ur.), ŠTIKS, Igor (ur.). Welcome to the desert of post-socialism: radical politics after Yugoslavia. London; New York: Verso, 2015, str. 103-121. [COBISS.SI-ID 37840685]


Portraits of Yugoslav Army soldiers : between partisan and pop-culture imagery. V: JAKIŠA, Miranda (ur.), GILIĆ, Nikica (ur.). Partisans in Yugoslavia : literature, film and visual culture, (Culture & theory). Bielefeld: Transcript, cop. 2015, str. 137-156, fotogr. [COBISS.SI-ID 38377005]


Srbija i njen jug: "južnjački dijalekti" između jezika, kulture i politike, (Edicija Reč, knj. 90). Beograd: Fabrika knjiga, 2015. 141 str. ISBN 978-86-7718-147-5. [COBISS.SI-ID 215105548]


Yuropa: das jugoslawische Vermächtnis und Zukunftsstrategien in postjugoslawischen Gesellschaften. Erste Aufl. Berlin: Verbrecher, cop. 2015. 255 str., ilustr. ISBN 978-3-95732-018-6. [COBISS.SI-ID 38477613]

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Curriculum Vitae

Current post

Research advisor at Institute of Cultural and Memory Studies, Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Head of the Institute of Culture and Memory Studies, Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana


PhD, 2005, Ljubljana Postgraduate School of Humanities Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis Thesis Title “The Serbs of Bela Krajina and their Language Ideology in the Process of Language Shift”

MA, 2002, Philological Faculty, University of Belgrade Thesis Title: “The Ritual Toast of Balkan Slavs”

BA, 1998, Philological Faculty, University of Belgrade


Serbo-Croatian (mother tongue), English (fluent), Slovenian (fluent), Russian (very good), Bulgarian (very good), Polish (very good), German (good)

Teaching experience

Assistant Professor (2006-2011); Associate Professor (2011-) University of Nova Gorica; 

Professor (2016-) ZRC SAZU Postgraduate School

Political laughter: towards an anthropology of humour

Language and identity in transnational context 

Remembering socialism in Central and South-Eastern Europe

International scholarships

Centre for Women's Studies, School of School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, February 2017

Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien, Univerza v Regensburgu, October / November 2016

Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Wassenaar, September 2013 / January 2014

Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, October 2010 / July 2011

University of Osaka, Centre for World Languages, October 2008

L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris, June 2008

Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dunaj, July 2006

Center for Advanced Studies Sofia, 2005 / 2006

Polish Academy of Sciences and Arts, Warsaw, December 2003

CEEPUS, Department of History of Southeastern Europe, Univeristy of Graz, January 2000

Research interests

memory, post-socialism, Yugoslav and socialist legacies in post-Yugoslav societies; discourses and language ideologies; political humour; language of minorities, language and cultural contacts; multicultural patterns in Central and Southeastern Europe