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Kraji spomina, kraji meje: spomin in identiteta na slovensko-italijanskem mejnem območju v dolgem dvajsetem stoletju
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1 July 2014–30 June 2017

The project focuses on the Italian-Slovenian border area, which in comparison with other European areas often remains neglected when approaching the questions politics of memory. The goal is utilise and combine the tools from different research areas thus to understand how in border and transnational areas the cultures of memory, the politics of memory and memory itself are shaped, intertwined and how they overlap. The research departs from the assumption that memory places are not merely topographic, but also include the more immaterial pegs in the assembly of region’s collective imaginaries.

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Dragica Čeč, PhD, University of Primorska • Manca Grgić Renko, University of Primorska • Miha Kosmač, PhD, University of Primorska • Egon Pelikan, PhD, University of Primorska • Jože Pirjevec, PhD, University of Primorska • Jure Ramšak, PhD, University of Primorska • Mateja Režek, University of Primorska • Vida Rožac Darovec, University of Primorska • Tomislav Vignjević, PhD, University of Primorska

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