Martin Pogačar, PhD
PhD in Cultural Studies, Research Associate

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Martin Pogačar is a cultural studies scholar with a doctorate in changing memory practices in digital media (University of Nova Gorica) and a master's degree in Central and South-Eastern European Studies (School of Slavonic and East-European Studies, University College London).

His research interests include memory in digital media ecologies, connections between technology and memory, as well as Yugoslav popular culture and industrial heritage. He is particularly interested in the influence of the media on the processes and practices of transmitting, recording, and re-presencing the past and the related social imaginaries that emerge out of the intertwining of technology, media, and memory practices. In addition, he explores the history of the development of technology in socialist Yugoslavia. Dr. Pogačar regularly publishes articles exploring these issues from the perspective of philosophy of technology, post-socialist studies, and popular culture studies.

Dr. Pogačar is a member of the editorial board of the journals Memory Studies and Memory, Mind & Media, and the editor-in-chief of the book series Thought, Society, Culture, Slovenian and South Eastern Perspectives, published in collaboration between ZRC SAZU and Peter Lang.

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weReurope (aplikativni • 01. december 2008 - 30. november 2010)
Neglected Holocaust: Remembering the Deportation of the Jews in Slovenia (01. july 2010 - 30. june 2012)
Professional Bases, Strategies and Theoretical Frameworks of Education for Intercultural Relations and Active Citizenship (aplikativni • 01. january 2010 - 31. august 2011)
Multicultural heritage and nation state: cases of Prekmurje, Bela krajina and Primorska (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2011 - 30. june 2014)
Socialist heritage in comparative perspective (bilateralni • 01. january 2009 - 31. december 2010)
(Re)construction of memory of Turning Points in Slovenian History of the 20th Century (temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. may 2010 - 15. march 2014)
Consequences of Deindustrialization of the Eastern Adriatic Coast: (Dis)Entangling People, Landscape and the Sea (bilateralni • 01. january 2018 - 31. december 2019)
New Exploratory Phase in Research on East European Cultures of Dissent (23. june 2017 - 22. june 2021)
Create to Connect > Create to Impact (mednarodni • 01. september 2018 - 31. august 2022)
Music and politics in the post-Yugoslav space: toward a new paradigm of politics of music in the 21st century (01. july 2018 - 30. june 2021)
Heritage in action: Participatory methods and digital learning sources for inclusion of youth in heritage practices and education (ciljni_raziskovalni_projekt • 01. november 2019 - 31. october 2021)
Historical interpretations of the 20th century (research programme • 01. january 2017 - 31. december 2022)

Current post

ZRC SAZU 2007-, research fellow


PhD, 2012, UNG, thesis title: “Memonautica:  Yugoslavia in digital memories, memorials and storytelling”, University of Nova Gorica

MA, 2005, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, MA thesis title: “Traces of Yugoslavia: Yuniverse will b-last”

BA, 2003, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Cultural Studies, BA thesis title: “Audio-visual scapes of Yugoslav mythology”


Slovene (mother tongue), Serbian/Croatian (Fluent), English (fluent)

Conference papers

“Digital afterlife: ex-Yugoslav pop-cultural icons and social media”; presentation at DIGITAL EXISTENCE: Memory, Meaning, Vulnerability, Sigtunastiftelsen/Sigtuna Foundation, Stora salen, Sigtuna (S), 28 October 2015.

“Enhanced immediacy of remembering and the emergence of post-socialist co-historicity”; invited lecture at COST Digital Memories Workshop, thematic cluster "Transcultural Memories in Post-Socialist Europe", Central European University, Budapest, 30 September 2014.

“Štulić in xPartizani0zauvijekX: primer izginulega digitalnega spomenika” presentation at Popularna glasba nekdanje Jugoslavije v primežu socialistične preteklosti in kapitalistične sedanjosti, Muzej novejše zgodovine, Cekinov grad, Ljubljana, 14 March 2014. 

“Computer and post-socialist memories: "children of socialism" make contact with 'western' computer technology”; presentation at EUPOP 2013, International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC), University of Turku, 31 July-2 August 2013.

Research interests

digital memory, media memory, post-socialism, popular culture