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Neglected Holocaust: Remembering the Deportation of the Jews in Slovenia
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1 July 2010–30 June 2012

For more than 50 years the stories of resistance against Nazism and Fascism failed to thematise the Holocaust and the need to preserve these particular memories never emerged in Slovenia and Yugoslavia. Besides, the post-1989 changes in the memory landscape in Southeastern Europe affected the phenomenon of revisionism, i.e. the negation not only of genocide but also of its related phenomena (anti-fascism and anti-Nazism).

The project focuses on these ‘neglected’ memories of Holocaust, with an attempt to answer the question why the majority “forgot” to tell this story. The work is divided into three phases: designing the topography of deportation, investigating the protocols of destruction and the reconstruction of memory.

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Ivo Goldstein, Univerza v Zagrebu • Goran Hutinac, Univerza v Zagrebu • Elenore Eppel-Lappin

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ITF: International Task Force for the Study of Holocaust