Cultural Memory Series is a space for discussing the ways we remember the events which decisively marked Slovenia and Southeast Europe of the 20th century.

Particular emphasis is on the role memory practices play in negotiating identities and social relations today.

The series brings monographs and edited volumes which approach recent past as a constitutive part of present-day stories, tensions and desires.


Made in YU 2015 [drugi natis]
Kulturni spomin

Edited by: Jernej Mlekuž, Tanja Petrović
Year: 2019
Glasba, politika, afekt
Novo življenje partizanskih pesmi v Sloveniji
Kulturni spomin

Author: Ana Hofman
Year: 2015
Kalejdoskop goriške preteklosti
Zgodbe o spominu in pozabi
Kulturni spomin

Author: Kaja Širok
Year: 2012
Politike reprezentacije v Jugovzhodni Evropi na prelomu stoletij
Kulturni spomin

Edited by: Tanja Petrović
Year: 2011

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