Balkan Kaleidoscope


The project raises awareness about the importance and value of oral history and multiperspectivity in presenting historical narratives. Taking the example of Yugoslav wars, the project challenges the dominant cultures of remembrance that reproduce mutually conflicting and exclusive narratives about one of the bloodiest conflicts in contemporary history of Europe. The project aims at helping young people across Europe to better understand the complex and sensitive issues of intercultural and interethnic dialogue while developing teachers’ capacities for applying the methodology of multiperspective history teaching which fosters critical and unbiased thinking. The project starts with training teachers and youth workers to incorporate this approach into class-work and extra-curricular activities with youth groups in local communities. The 10 partners from 6 countries will organise workshops with youth which should enable them to present their own visions and understandings of the different aspects of the dissolution of Yugoslavia.


Training for teachers on multiperspectivity in history teaching (15-18 November 2017, Osijek, Croatia):


oral history
social memory
Yugoslav wars
history teaching