Ksenija Bogetić Pejović, PhD



Ksenija Bogetić is a linguist dealing with interactions of language and the social world. Her work draws on the traditions of sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and cognitive linguistics to explore how social identities and ideologies are discursively constructed and sustained, with a particular focus on anglophone and post-Yugoslav societies. Her interests include language ideology, language and nationalism, language, gender and sexuality, youth and digital media, and metaphor.

(coauthor) Аndrijana Broćić & Katarina Rasulić (2019). Metaphor identification in Serbian. In Susan Nacey, Aletta G. Dorst, Tina Krennmayr and W. Gudrun Reijnierse (eds.), Metaphor Identification in Multiple Languages: MIPVU around the world (204–226). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Discursive metaphorical frames in newspaper texts on language change. Metaphor and the Social World, 9(1), 2019, 1–31.

Stlized quotations as parodic practice in teenage dating blogs: Stylizing patterns, quotative marking and language ideological meanings. Belgrade English Language & Literature Studies, 2019, 45–69.

Normal Straight Gays. Lexical collocations and ideologies of masculinity in personal ads of Serbian gay teenagers. In Milani, Tommaso (ed.) Queering Language, Gender and Sexuality. London: Equinox, 2018.

Language is a ‘beautiful creature’, not an ‘old fridge’: Direct metaphors as corrective framing devices. Metaphor and the Social World, 7(2), 2017, 190–212.

Metalinguistic comments in teenage personal blogs: Bringing youth voices to studies of youth, language and technology. Text & Talk, 36(3), 2016, 245–268.

Be like and the quotative system of Jamaican English: Linguistic trajectories of globalization and localization. English Today, 30(3), 2014, 5–12.


PhD, 2018, Linguistics. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology

MA (with Distinction), 2013, Sociolinguistics. University of Oxford, Faculty of English Language and Literature

MA 2010, Linguistics. University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy

BA, 2007, English Language and Literature. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology

Teaching experience

Senior Lecturer (2019), Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Lecturer (2014–2019), Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Postgraduate Instructor (2011–2012), Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia

International scholarships

Postdoctoral Fellowship / Marie Curie Seal of Excellence ARRS complementary scheme

Researching and Applying Metaphor grant, UK/Hong Kong 2018

News International Scholarship, University of Oxford, UK, 2012–2013

Dulverton Fund Award, University of Oxford, UK, 2012–2013


Christina Alm-Arvius Award, Metaphor Festival, University of Amsterdam, 2017

Associations and societies

International Gender and Language Association (IGALA)

British Association for Applied Linguistics

Researching and Applying Metaphor

Research interests

language ideologies; post-Yugoslav sociolinguistics; language and digital media; language, gender and sexuality; cognitive linguistics; metaphor