Authors: Goran Duplančić
Year: 2022

The graphic novel Vojna ('The War') offers an insight into the war that accompanied dissolution of Yugoslavia just as it was: absurd, ripe with contradictions, fear, horror, nonsense. Told by Goran Duplančić through drawings and words, the story of a young conscript of the Yugoslav People's Army caught in the Šentvid military base in 1991 is historically very precise. Nevertheless, it will never become part of history and “official memory” of the time when the common Yugoslav state disintegrated into new national states – not only because the author is not a historian but a theoretical physicist, but even more because the grand (hi)stories which provided the foundation to these new national states cannot tolerate the absurdity, fear and contradictions, or anything that could potentially challenge their triumph.

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38. Slovenski knjižni sejem: Vojna v stripu, 22. 11. 2022

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