Social Impact in Arts and Culture. The Diverse Lives of a Concept

Edited by: Iva Kosmos, Martin Pogačar
Year: 2022

“Social impact” seems to be the buzzword of the past decade, a term dominant in art and science (of) project writing, but also in thinking and talking about art and science. However, apart from the principles of measurability and predictability of desired impact, there is lack of sources to clearly explain what the idea is all about: What kind of art and society and the relationship between them it envisions? The motivation for this book was the dynamic between social impact as defined by funders and as understood by the people who live with it. This book is therefore a collaborative effort of curators, critics, essayists, artists, and researchers. Some of them reflect on the concept, others write about their own practice, and still others discuss the issue in the context of practical examples. What they all have in common, however, is the question and reflection on what is meant by the social impact of art, how it can be achieved as well as problematized.

Table of content

Iva Kosmos / Introduction What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Social Impact in the Arts?

Impact in Different Contexts

Josipa Lulić / “We Are All Actors”: Social Impact Theory and the Theatre of the Oppressed

Lana Zdravković / Nothing Subversive in Porn Within Performance Art: In Search of a New Performative Condition

Ana Adamović / Rewrite, Reenact, Reimagine or Searching for a Socialist Opera Community Networks in Extraordinary Situations

Hanna Huber / Toward a Sustainable Theater Festival: The Théâtre Transversal at the Festival OFF d’Avignon

Saša Babič and Martin Pogačar / Internet Community Radio: Invisible Networks, Living Collectivities

Dan Podjed / Transformation of a Project Network in the Time of the COVID-19 Crisis

Klara Drnovšek Solina and Zoran Pungerčar / Connections and Impact in Numbers

Take Nothing for Granted

Aldo Milohnić and Tomaž Toporišič / Toward the Aesthetics of Resistance: Oliver Frljić and Janez Janša

Tery Žeželj / Toward Holobionts: Cultivating More-Than-Human Experience

Suzana Marjanić / The Art of Performance Against Neoliberal Dystopia, or “Down with this system that is leading us to Nowhere!” (M. Brecelj): Two Examples—Almissa Open Art and Adria Art Annale (AAA)

Maša Radi Buh / Economies of Urban Walking

Audiences, Consider Reception

Iva Kosmos / Understanding Impact as a Network of Acts: An Attempt at Measuring the Effects of The Children of Colonialism

Jasmina Jerant / “Like Mushrooms After the Rain”: Social Impact of Feminist or Herstory Tours Around the Globe

Katja Kobolt / Negotiating the Impact of Literature for Children in Early Socialist Yugoslavia

Siniša Labrović / Helplessness and Failure?

Martin Pogačar / Afterwor/l/d: Art, Control, Afterimpact

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