Peršmanova domačija. 25. april 1945

Authors: Evelyn Steinthaler, Verena Loisel
Year: 2022

On 25 April 1945, only a few days after the occupied territories in Carinthia were liberated by the allies, on Peršman homestead near to Železna Kapla/Bad Eisenkappel, Austria, the Nazi police troops attacked the group of Partisans based there. In one of the last Nazi war crimes on the Slovene population in Carinthia, the members of the 13th SS police regiment killed eleven members of both families, the Sadovniks and the Kogojs, who lived in the homestead; among the victims, there were seven children. The focus of the present graphic novel is the life of Ana Sadovnik – one of three children who survived. The story recounts the events that happened on the homestead on that day and describes the demanding life on the devastated homestead afterwards. From the late 40ies, this place was used as a dwelling house again. Since the late 80ies, the homestead has evolved to the place of public memory.

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Carinthia (Austria)
graphic novel
social conditions
war crimes
World War 1939-1945


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