Origins and transformations of motives and symbols in literature and languages

fundamental research project
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The project interrogates intertextual relations in sources and transformation of themes and motives of longing, weakness, seduction and temptation in literature from antiquity onwards. Thematic research focuses on original texts, such as literary heritage of ancient Middle Eastern civilisations, ancient Greek literature and also literary representations in selected Slovenian and European literature.

The research entails five central activities: a) collecting material; b) writing scientific articles for publication; c) publication of a monograph Longing, Weakness and Temptation: From Myth to Artistic Creations, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009; d) work on a new monograph; e) lectures at international conferences (Slovenia, Croatia, USA), chairing a panel at a conference in Philadelphia, USA (History and Fiction in the East European Novel).