The Institute of Culture and Memory Studies ZRC SAZU carries out and promotes research on memory, linguistics and politics of representation and popular culture in Slovenia and South-East Europe. It practices a distinctly interdisciplinary approach which is both possible and indeed inevitable because Institute's members different professional backgrounds: history, anthropology, linguistics, ethno-musicology, ethnology, literary history, culture studies.

ICMS boasts a team of devoted researchers and a growing network of international partners, including colleagues from the former Yugoslavia, Austria, United Kingdom, South Africa and the US.

In 2011, ICMS launched a book series, Cultural Memory [Kulturni spomin], which brings original scientific literature dealing with this vibrant field. What is more, a new series of public lectures/discussions, Interlogi, has been launched in Autumn 2011 to bring the varied topics that intrigue ICMS researchers closer to the academic community and the interested public.

ICMS was established in 2008 (as Centre for Interdisciplinary Research) and was led by dr. Oto Luthar until 2011 when dr. Tanja Petrović was appointed new Head.