Terminological dictionary of geography

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As part of the project headed by Franc Lovrenčak, we professionally organized the material collected by specialists in individual branches of geography over several decades of efforts to publish this dictionary. The material covers a total of nineteen geographical disciplines and was contributed by twenty-two authors. In close cooperation with the Specialized Dictionary Section at the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language, we processed nearly 9,000 headwords supplemented by nearly 100 illustrations and tables for the printed version of the dictionary, which certainly belongs among the fundamental works of Slovenian geography in terms of importance.

With its clear definitions, this dictionary is an indispensable tool for all geographers involved in research and spatial planning, as well as university and secondary-school students studying geography, geography teachers, and other professionals that require professionally accurate explanations of geographical phenomena, processes, and landscape elements.

The dictionary provides detailed definitions of relations between terms, which are divided into individual disciplines such as general geography, mathematical geography, cartography, geomorphology, climate geography, hydrogeography, soil geography, biogeography, population geography, rural geography, industrial geography, traffic geography, tourism and recreation geography, karst geography, settlement geography, landscape ecology, and environmental protection.

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