The evaluation of the burdening level regarding the forest parts of the nature park Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski Hrib

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The area of the nature park, which is, due to many tourist visits, exceptionally well visited, represents a conflict of interest between land owners and visitors as well as the goals of preserving the nature. Our goal is to determine which areas of the park are especially exposed to pressures from visitors, what the actual capabilities of this area are and what the possible steps in improving the situation are. The results of the research will represent the basis for future park management. Till now two registers of visitors were made, on one September Sunday and on January Sunday. We registered on September Sunday more than 5500 visitors on all five entrances. Besides that we also formed the survey and the interview, based on which we will try to establish what kind of value is this park from the perspective of the local population, the experts and the owners.

Landscape parks with drawn locations of places of register. (figure in high resolution)

The example of the map sector with a distinct location and with drawn-in directions of register. (figure in high resolution)

The number of registered entrances and the number of passages.

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