LABELSCAPE - Integration of sustainability labels into Mediterranean tourism policies


Due to the growing need for responsible use of natural and cultural resources, increasing competition in tourism sector and changing consumption patterns, Mediterranean destinations are facing:

  1. constant demand to improve the quality of tourism offer,
  2. need to strengthen cooperation between tourism providers and local community, and
  3. necessity to communicate with the visitors.


In sparsely populated, island and protected areas these challenges need to be addressed with greater attention due to specific socio-economic features and increased vulnerability. Tourism sustainability certification is one of the effective instruments which addresses these challenges and shows destination’s commitment to follow the principles of sustainable development. It is a tool for improvement of tourist offer, community building and marketing.

The overall objective of the LABELSCAPE is thus to develop mechanisms for integrating sustainability labels in wider tourism policies, and to provide support for destination-based initiatives in the certification process. Project capitalises on the existing certification initiatives. It addresses also the latest challenges of certified destinations and businesses: recognisability, complementarity with User Generated Content and digital transformation. LABELSCAPE objectives will be achieved through “Exchange of Experience” workshops, online capacity building platform, policy-change actions in 8 territories and transferable policy recommendations.

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Project type

certification proces
sustainability certification