INCOME - Improved management of contaminated aquifers by integration of source tracking, monitoring tools and decision strategies

applied project
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The aim of the project is the formation of an effective managing process of polluted aquifers. The project incorporates procedures for the identification and the control of pollution factors as well as measures for the improvement of the situation. The sample areas of Ljubljansko Polje and Ljubljansko Barje represent the most important water sources of the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and its outskirts. A long-term goal is to maintain the quality of water sources for all future generations. The contribution of the Geographical Institute Anton Melik is the formation and the evaluation of the spatial-information register of active and potential environmental burdens, all visible as well as those under the Earth's surface.  On the basis of the results an optimal solution of sustainable rehabilitation and the planning of future spatial use will be presented. We will form a questionnaire and on the basis of a representative sample try to establish the level of the population's awareness about the groundwater as a natural source of drinking water. The questionnaire's results will serve as the basis for further informing, education and raising awareness of the public. We are also in charge of informing and educating the public with scientific articles about the importance of the rehabilitation of current environmental burdens and in charge of preventing further pollution of the studied area.